Beer Cocktail

beer cocktail

Beer doesn’t always have to be just beer. Have you heard about a beer cocktail? Well, we are not telling you to do this always, but this recipe is surely worth the try. And hey, the wifey might thank you for it too. Here’s what you need:

50ml Tequilla

25ml Lime Juice

Agave Syrup

Your Favorite Beer

Watch the process and enjoy, guys.


Best Steak to Pair With Ale

Houston Steakhouse

Nothing tells your tongue, “Great Ale!” than pairing it with the best and juiciest steak. We have tried many steaks, but none quite like this Houston Steakhouse has to offer. Not only do we consider that bar superb, our want of a great drink was surpassed by that food. So if you are ever in that area, be sure to visit Tango & Malbec.  Take our word for it, you will not regret it.

How to Make Your Own Ginger Ale at Home


Are you a big fan of Ale like we are? We personally love going out and trying a variety of ale and pair it with the best food any steakhouse restaurant can offer. Once in a while though, we will try a particular recipe at home.

Today we ran across Donal Skehan’s delicious recipe for a home made ginger ale (or as he called it, Ginger Beer) prepared for Jaime Oliver’s Drink Tube youtube channel.  If your mouth is watering as much as ours is, here are the ingredients to give it a go and watch the video below to see the process.

You will need the following:

Zest of 2 lemons

The juice of 3 lemons

1 Ginger ( peeled and grated)

4 tablespoons of Muscovado Sugar

Sparkling Water

Mint for garnish

Donal Skehan shows us how to make your own ginger ale at home in this magnificent video. Cheers and enjoy!